About Me

HELLO to all my readers. I am Pavan. Want to know a bit more about me than just my name, then read on …

What do you do Pavan?

I just graduated in B.E. Electronics from Mumbai University. Now doing a job.

So what’s with blogging, Pavan?

I started blogging somewhere in June this year. My first blog  was hosted on blogger. Later on I had problems with it & I left. So I came to WordPress which is quite decent. Then again I switched to Blogger, as it is more convenient. I am a design bug & I like changing templates & changing & making new to newest changes using google search. 
I have incorporated all my previous blogs here. I basically love blogging & what’s best to express thoughts & share resources? 

What you can expect on Pavan’s Blog?

You will read about various useful  websites I visited, music links because I am big fan of A R Rahman, various useful resources like e-books. Any good article which I would like to share like on latest gadgets, movies & sometimes current affairs & lots of personal life information.

I have an aim to take my blog to new heights more in terms of design & also create designs on my own.

Any hobbies you have?

Net Surfing, music( any) and books. Apart from which I also take time to watch movies. Most of my time goes on e-learning which has passed most of my time.

What do you think? Please reply

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