My First Blog

This is my first day of my blog. I used write a diary but I left as I used to get busy.As a engg. student patiently waiting for my results to come, sometimes feel bored. I have my vacations going on but still I feel I not enjoying.

Also today I had to give my 3rd test ie EIP which is a part of my online training part of Hexaware.
I got 29/50. I am not happy with my results. I need to improve myself. Constantly, I do try to give my best in my own way.

I am also very curious about the next test in EIP having all 3 modules.I feel I should make my best efforts to give my best.At the end of the day if you enjoy an icecream of angir it would be a good day.

I had one today.Hope to have another good one.


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