How I started blogging — TIPS for you

According to me blog is a online diary. Steps to create a blog.


  • No technical knowledge needed for blogging, only common sense enough.
  • 1-2 hours free to blog.
  • A good interest to communicate/write & express your views through posts.
  1. Start with good blogging provider.
  2. Know what to start ,which topic? — entertainment, sports, personal etc
  3. Search some templates for your area of interests or posts.
  4. Make blog for friends/family or open blog.
  5. Join bloggers communities to join various bloggers.
  6. Post on other bloggers site about your blog.
  7. Update your blog daily or weekly.
  8. Decorate your blog with widgets, comment bar etc
  9. Now, when you feel confident to write posts, try to monetize it.

What do you think? Please reply

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