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PicLens transforms your browser into a full-screen, 3D experience for photos and videos across the web. Media comes to life via a cinematic presentation that goes beyond the confines of the traditional browser window.
Cooliris Previews lets you preview links and rich-media without clicking or leaving your current page, so you can browse faster than ever.Let me try!!

3 thoughts on “PicLens

  1. cool! i just downloaded piclens and tested it out. i think particularly the Discovery section is really useful, but the usefulness of search (via google, etc) is questionable. but the concept is excellent!

    On a similar note, I also recently started using http://www.fotoviewr.com/. It's a 3-D interactive photo gallery that all my friends and family were astounded by. What I really liked about this is that nothing needed to be downloaded. Anyways, you should blog about it if you think its worthwhile!

  2. I am very happy that this site has provided an interacting experience with our increasing readers.Thanks a lot!!

    Thanx as a reader and blogger we will see more about piclens and cooliris.

    @amber kuo
    please visit us for more sites also.
    itz fantastic.i will write about it as soon as possible.

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