Indian News Channels increasing

Thinking back about 1991 in INDIA, when there was only one news channel ” Doordarshan ” now named as separated channel ” DD News ” , but today the list nearly rising & every year we can see increasing news channels in India.

The Change I Observed
But I have noticed a change in approach in the quality of news. What previous news channels did were giving relevant news regarding current affairs, politics, sports, international topics & only little bit of entertainment news. But today the news channels have totally different approach.
1> Along with a routine news, they are giving a dose of popular entertainment channels news like laughter, TV soap updates, other than films giving updates related to affairs and those irrelevant stuff.
2> Reality shows have increased day by day only to increase TRP’s but these news channels are irreverently promoting those shows & increasin their own TRP.
3> But the list goes on because they haven’t left those gods of different religions.
4> Famous politicians, actors or businessmen who are building bunglows of how many storeys & what the plans would be? Such news is really not needed to Indian audience.
5> Also, ‘ astrology ‘ , ‘ numerology ‘ are other stuffs having been favorite with news channels.

In an incidence one of the leading news channel giving breaking news as ” Amitabh Bachchan caught cold “.

There are many incidents where leading news channel showing news cat sitting on the roof for 6 hours for about 6hours and such waste of time & bad reporting.

I feel that as a public
In all years, there may be some news channels who have cashed in on those programs & now due to which many media houses have started their own news channels & increasing day by day.
I feel that since they have registered themselves for 24 hours news , if they don’t have any new news, they broadcast such ‘ stupid ‘ news. The image of other channels or media gets tarnished who give good content & are true news channels. Media should create awareness among people about various social issues, education, jobs helping India to grow better as a country.

Some Indian news channels :

AAJ TAK and related channels
NDTV and related channels
CNBC & related channels
Live India
Voice of India
News 24
Times Now
India News and lots more…..


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