My First Salary

I have been doing blogging about many things but I still my diary is empty. I joined a call center – First Source which is in Malad and I’m working due to the recession which is affecting the IT jobs and due to which I couldn’t find anything interesting. I have made many friends there ofcourse Vinay is one i know from by BE days along with him there are Kartik, Nidhi, Afrina, Nitin, Chetan, Junaid, Steven, Somesh, Darshan, Anand …….

After a successful 10 day Pre-process Training which was nothing like a picnic for us. Now in Process Training which is going bouncer due to lots of software applications. After this, a month now I have received my 1st Salary. The joy is different when you get it. I don’t know how to spend, on what to spend because there are lots of things I wanted to buy for me, my family. But lets see I make right decisions spending & doesn’t go popper at the last week of the month.

This day was a bit difficult as the shift was at 1.00pm and there were lots of events happening around which eventually delayed our training and finally during the training we were sleeping.
This made our trainer to fasten up & leaving us early. Some of the wanted to booze as we had our salary with us. We invited our trainer as well and we all agreed to go to PREM’s Chinese cuisine which was somewhere nearby. And we had lots of fun, drink, bitching, gossip, food ( which was awesome). Since Vinay and I don’t drink, we ordered some combination rice n noodles with Manchurian. As it was Saturday night, we spent a few hours more and then finally back to home.


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