Up came a friend

I was very rusty that day because it was monday & I had to go for work. In the morning I got a call from a friend to pick her up from station to my office for an interview. I escorted her to the office & then I went to hunt for a job which Ashwin, my college friend told me enquire about.

When started walking, it was nothing I thought about. But when I reached a mall I came to know that I have gone too far from the company. Ofcourse, it was a busy route & scorching heat that made me to abuse myself. Finally I found the place. When I saw there was some welding works, and lots of transportation going on then I thought where did I come. It looked the similar place where I attended my last interview. When I reached the office, I saw a lady doing nothing and reading some paper and I peeped in the cabin written ‘ Ashish Kapoor’, he was browsing his laptop and I am sure he was doing nothing. I was given a huge form to fill in. Later, I was asked whether I asked for an appointment. It was a funny situation, where a Boss was free and could look me from his window outside and the receptionist was asking me for an appointment with him. A little later I was asked to meet him. I sat and I discussed training and placement issues with him. He informed to pay some amount for training & the jobs was not guaranteed. He couldn’t answer my questions regarding the growth in the job and future career prospectus. It was a field job related to telecom company where he would train and send us for an interview. This was too risky for me atleast. I called Ashwin and revealed the entire incident.

Then, I returned to my office where my friend was giving the interview. Unfortunately, she didn’t get selected. Then we went to a restaurant for lunch & then to a placement agency where I had got selected. Unfortunately, they also didn’t wanted BE freshers.It was a big disappointment. But, things were taken positively by us. She left to her place.

Then I reached office at 4:00pm as I had a 4 – 1am shift. During the training it was announced that we will be getting a weekly off the next day. Everybody were excited. Also, because we are about to go on the floor shortly.


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