My First Call in Integration

This was a day I knew that I would take calls today. But no hard feelings because I knew nothing & also go blank during the calls today. Start of the day was a call to meet up friends in In Orbit Mall, Malad.

We were to reach the mall at 3.00pm and I reached there at 3.15pm and rest were late. Bhavesh, Tom, Ashwin and Vinay, we all met after many months. It was like a reunion. Ashwin on arrival started joking on the bag I was carrying since college days. he has a great sense of humour.

3.45pm : We entered Inorbit the biggest mall in Asia and I was visiting it for first time. We just knew all were hungry hence we went on 2nd floor to have food. I and Vinay didn’t order & the rest ordered noodles.

4.30pm : Now I didn’t knew we were to go for a long stroll in the mall like people with either no work or lots of work come over there. We went to the games section, then we entered LifeStyle where I remembered all the dress materials were very expensive. But still we had a good look & then we moves to men’s accessories. Then we took an exit.

5.30pm : Now we entered the Hypercity which was nearby we took a stroll again. Here all accessories were lot cheaper than Inorbit. We went to soft toys section, Sports and finally we bought a cool drink and chocolates as we did in our college days during our bunk session.
Vinay and I bid goodbye an we caught an autorickshaw for go for our 6-3am shift.

As usual nothing great happened we got our ID’s and we were busy getting familiar with logins of so many applications. Finally now came the time to go on the floor but everybody were having nervous laughter as we hadn’t did our roleplays and we going to take calls. Clifton, our trainer handled everything well, even if had the bad cold & almost sneezing while conversing. Finally I took a call of Mr. Panter from London, who had problems with his outgoing. I finished the DPA quite well but during his query I kept him on hold for long as I was confused to what to reply with his complicated query. For our moment or trainer was also confused. Later we thought of escalating the calls to the 2nd Line team. I convinced Mr. Panter to have patience and he would get a call from our side. He agreed and that is how the call closed. It was nerve-cracking when I couldn’t able to resolve his query.That was about my first call in the integration. It was really a good experience.


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