Shocked with my results!!!

I have already finished taking calls on the floor, during the integration. But when today I had to listen to my feedback, I was taken aback.

I have taken some 12 calls or so. Out of which some went well & some did not. i had no idea that the quality team had such a worst; in store for me. I was very disappointed with the calls feedback. I was marked down on my diagnostic checks, notes, acknowledgment & somewhere the pace. But I still can improve because I had taken a good care of customer by giving him/her call back, conversing during line checks, great DPA and so on. So there are some positives in me which have instilled in me the confidence of performing better day by day. But now its the do and die situation for me. There is an assessment which will be on Monday where I will be tested thoroughly.

Life has been very challenging to me even in such situations I am enthusiastic to join a course on Software Testing. This decision is on my own, when one fair day I came across a site called Indian Testing Board where I found these institutes & I made an inquiry about the course & I got some hopes for my future. I really don’t understand that at this point of time, whether to take risk or not. However, life is meant to take risks. I believe in god, I also know that I have to go through certain stages of life which he might have written in his diary & that why I am going through all these.


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