Hope is a waking dream

For the past few days it has been extremely difficult to write the diary because of the schedule of mine. I have finally joined SQTL which is a software testing certification course in Andheri. Till now it has been fine & no issues regarding that. But when it comes to payment it really pains. Whatever you are earning you are giving. But, a hope is there as I may have a good future due to this course.I may get a break through by this. This hope is making me work & study. Now its like chasing a dream.

The other day I told that I was failed on both the calls of mine. I was very depressed & unhappy with with my scores & have put lots of efforts into it. I have received  my feedback today saying that I was the only person who was excellent on calls. I scored 100% & 95% in both the calls which were monitored. The person who gave the feedback last week was indeed surprised & happy with the results.But still there are certain areas I need to improve where I can be better than the best.
The areas are

  • Acknowledgment to customer
  • Stop Interrupting the customer
  • Can I place your call on hold??
  • Notes of course….

 I still have various doubts in my mind regarding process. However, I intend to improve day by day in every way. That is the mantra for now. I also sometimes feel during my testing times I will have to face any problems of the world with courage & motivate myself so much that nobody can disapprove me, not even the almighty.
I pray for the best of all & me.Hence, Hope is a waking dream.


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