Terror attack, just another day for Mumbaikars – I blame…..

This is not a new day for Mumbai as terrorist attacks which takes place at regular interval. That does not mean the recent attacks were the same one. This was a nightmare not only any general public but also for the high profile people from India as well as Foreign Nationals. That really doesn’t mean that I am ignorant and I just take it as another attack. But, it is the government who is to be blamed first.
Despite several attacks in past it has really poor in enhancing its intelligence & security services. Because Mumbai is the commercial capital of India it should be ignored.
I totally blame the government & the opposition & also those politicians who believe that they can do anything when they are given power.Also those politicians who play state politics so as to gain votes. In my opinion, every politician should be given charge of the security of the state rather than giving hin Z-security. If these people are not willing to serve state its absolutely OK, but atleast give some responsibilities regarding safety measures / prevention of terror acts.
I also blame those corrupt people who for few bucks give entry to those bastards of terrorism.
I also blame the police for using outdated weapons in fight with the terrorists. In my opinion, they should ask the government to give them most best equipments, technologies, latest weapons to attack bastards of terror.
I also blame those people who make rules for justice, who at last give bail to terrorists within no time. In my opinion, make the judgement more severe enough that the terrorist should be made ‘ a mental patient ‘ & no terrorist should think that will attack india again.
I also blame those high profile tech companies who serve more for foreign nationals, instead should atleast create a software technology to atleast minmize terrorism using ‘n’ number of case studies of attacks that we have had earlier.
At last I blame myself for not being a part of the system as a ‘ public ‘. I will definitely help from myside to mentally attack people so as to make them realize their work.
So buck up govt. buck up!!

What do you think? Please reply

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