My cell is robbed!

w810iI have not been writing on blogs since few days. The only reason I have been selected for GO LIVE in the company & there’s no time even for myself. Yes, The most depressing part after the announcement that I was  passed the  GO live, my cell was robbed. It was my favorite gadget W810i from Sony Ericsson & almost as a best friend. It was W810i & I had almost lost my mind that I even screwed my office staff along with the HR, the Operation’s manager & the security guys. I can’t understand that my cell was within half-an-hour after I saw it & went to drink coffee.
My cell was in my bag which was kept in the room called ‘ Everton’ on the floor. Two days back my friend lost his mobile and wallet from my bag only. This was ridiculous & I complained & escalated the matter to higher authority.  We had a meeting  yesterday which was attended by an HR : Anagaha Phanse, Operation’s manager, Kailash Bhatia & two security guys whom I felt have come for time pass. Out of which one was totally blank & the other who was pretending to help us i.e Me & Anand. I started the conversation with a strong note & loudly so that people over there know how angry i was with the system. But, they told me that they will help me but they at last were unable to help me. I was the disappointed when they didn’t give any compensation & asked us to talk in a lower tone. It was as if we were the actual culprits & they were investigating us. I was very much disappointed when they told me that they will not let any such incident happen. When 2 big incidents happened & they could not do anything. All were helpless crooks who were just trying to say that ” Our company is poor & we can’t give any compensation & also we have no rights to change our company even if we have rights to do”. It simply means that in a company when nobody does their work seriously such big incidents take place & at the end they blame each other & leave the matter half solved. This is India & how the corporate world behaves.
Just remembering this incident I remember the recent attacks in Mumbai where post attacks politicians blamed each other, the intelligent shut its mouth, all were trying to consolidate the common people. But the best part is that now Mumbai has changed a bit. Lots of people come in unity to slash the politicians & jack them until they don’t do their work seriously.
Its all about doing your work seriously, sincerely & see the results you bear at the end.

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