Fate yet to be decided

‘The situation of IT industry is deteriorating slowly & it will be recovered after 24months’. This was told when I with few of my friends had been to Hexaware for knowing the status of our joining as well as companies status. But truly speaking it was disheartening to know that our joining were not decided & will not be intimated till June 2008 & their advice was that we should look another job & come back to hexaware when the company becomes stable.

So my fate is yet to be decided on what should my immediate steps that I should take so as to refrain from any other false / misconceptions & look for a genuine career ahead. Looking overall I have been now thinking of taking a six month experience in the present job I am & than moving towards some other opportunities coming ahead. I have to look for jobs now no suitable jobs would I get & If I study what would be the investment that I would put in. Both are the major crunches that many of us are facing, but still not able to decide anything. 
The need of the hour would be positive attitude & sheer determination so as to move ahead just forgetting the past & to achieve the impossible.

What do you think? Please reply

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