Introduction to Software Testing

Testing: Testing is a process of trying to discover every conceivable fault or weakness in a work product.

Other definitions:
  • Testing is a process of executing a program with the intent of finding an error.
  • A good test is one that has a high probability of finding an as yet undiscovered error.
  • A successful test is one that uncovers an as yet undiscoverd error.
  • Objective of Testing is to find all possible bugs(defects) in a work product.
  • Testing should intentionally attempt to make things go wrong to determine if things happen when they shouldn’t or things don’t happen when they should.
Aim to find defects:
  • Then prime benefit of testing is that if results in improved quality. Bugs get fixed.
  • We take a destructive attitude towards a program when we test, but in a larger context our work is constructive.
  • We are beating up the program in the service of making it stronger.
Job of Software Tester:
  • Goal of a software tester is to find defects, find them as early as possible and make sure they get fixed.
How Testers do it?
  • By examining the user’s requirements, internal structure & design, functional user interface i.e. Verification
  • By executing the code, application software executable i.e. Validation

Work of Testers Involve:

  • Generate test conditions cases.
  • Create required test environment.
  • Execute Tests.
  • Report & Track defects.
  • Test Reporting.
  • Quality can be defined only in terms of the agent, worker, manager, customer & so on.But customer is one of the important part of the production system.
  • Producer View: Adherence to specifications / meeting requirements.
  • Consumer View: Fitness for use.
Software quality includes activities related to both process & product.
  • Quality Assurance: Work Process & Completing the SDLC.
  • Quality Control : About the product & find out bugs.
Before going further, many questions to be answered
  1. Will our product work according to our plan? 
  2. Will users be able to do their jobs with the final outcome?
  3. Can business be relied on this software product?



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