Cousin’s Wedding

As far as I know I have attended a wedding after a long time. Our family is so big that every 6months a wedding is planned. This time I had to attend my cousin’s wedding at any cost, as I would meet my relatives after a long time.

We left home at around 7.00am & reached Wadala Ram Mandir at near 8.00am. I had a plan to visit Ram Mandir, this wedding made my plan successful. I got a chance to thank god for relieving my tensions. At around 10:00am the rasams started and went on and on. I normally find wedding events very boring sometimes but these events are best acts like a get together of the whole family. I feel weddings are lots of glamour & show offs of the normal people as celebs are normally glamorous. Many emotions can be seen in weddings that I observed I found Aparna’s bro Raghupati in tension as they did not arrive. The whole of Yogesh’s family was calm and relaxed. The pandit was hurrying i feel ‘gadibidi‘. And most of the people were happy. Such events are executed to be successful & this wedding was indeed a very well executed.
I was relaxed to see some of our relatives who came late, who atleast arrived fighting the Mumbai traffic. First to arrive was my cousin sister Kavitha akka came later on Anna, Geeta akka and family, My uncle V S Prabhu and family arrived & later on there was no stop guests pored in at regular intervals.

I was given a camera to take snaps and to my dismay the cam was had very low battery despite that I managed to take some exceptional snaps along with the professional photographers team. I tried to take different snaps from the normal routine photo they take.
Later on, I had to go to office I hurried my lunch at 1:30pm after all the rasams were over & lunch were announced. Later on I went to office for the routine stuff. These wonderfu; moments will always be cherished.


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