Jai Ho! – A R Rahman

Yesterday I got up early to just check whether Oscars started or not. Not because I follow Oscar but A R Rahman. I wanted to see him walk the red carpet. Unfortunately, I missed the part. I came to know that Oscars would start later. I switched on to News channels who gave latest updates about the ceremony. We had a function at our home in the morning. After that I had to go to office, so I completely missed the show. Even at my office I would only hear about Oscars, A R RahmanResul Pookutty, Slumdog Millionaire. 

At around 11.00 am I got a call that Slumdog Millionaire received 6 awards and 2 for A R Rahman. We had a small party in between & then I would check updates again and again. Until till the end I came to know that 8 Oscars for Slumdog & 1 for Smile Pinki. I was very desperate to watch the performance of Jai Ho by Rahman and Sukhwinder, I finished my work early to come home & switched on Star Movies.

I was fortunate to watch that moment of Rahman taking the awards and the words he said. Even Resul ‘s words were motivating. They both made India proud. I am proud to be a Rahman Fan. Jai Ho!


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