Down with hurdles of viruses.

Till now when everything was going smoothly in my life, few viruses have attacked my body and I am down with fever. I was told that I was suffering from Measles. I  was very much shocked to learn that but still I have to be at home. I have no choice, I feel helpless. My first job as Software Tester in Specula nearly completing a Project for People’s Education. I cannot go to work. 
I was feeling positive when I was working & lots of colleagues, new environment – Tata Interactive Systems. I dreamt of working at such wonderful atmosphere, I feel to work more. My interview was on 7th Feb, joined on 9th and today almost not a month and I am down with viral fever. I still cannot understand why I have been undergoing so much hurdles. Its never been easy since my pass out. I have been struggling considerably and making things work. My hardwork, sincerity has never been ignored. I still believe the supreme almighty with me and not to forget, my family.
Today is also one of my most important day of my life, my brother Ratan’s CBSE board exams starts, I prayed that he should answer his papers well. He has been working hard since two years and I have seen him busy ever since. I wish that he comes out with flying colours & makes all of us proud of his dedication. I also kept him far from myself as rashes has been spreading in my whole body. 
I only wish I get well soon & join my duties as soon as possible.

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