Lots to do

Its been a month I have not been on the blogger blog, the reason is that tight schedule make me work more.I have been into lots of things lately. I have been allocated a different projects apart from the normal project.3 projects for game testing. Also, I am determined to learn web coding, designing, content management and lots more. Also, I am in my best phase where I am able to learn so lots of things that I keep busy myself. Recession has really taken taken toll of me & lots of people, but now I think, in some way I am lucky to be busy.

Yesterday, I gave exit exams for software testing course which I gave. All the questions were from the ISTQB papers that I used to solve in my pass times. Also, test-cases of calculator, Winrunner, QTP questions were also included. I am seeing positive side of passing it.

Also, today is my bro’s IIT exam. I remember the day he joined the classes & then onwards seen him busy studying. We also been enjoying movies, cracking jokes lately to make stress free atmosphere. I really wish him best of luck & best wishes for his all upcoming entrance exams. He needs to make big if I did not.


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