Recap months

Yes, this is my third time that I am blogging after a long gap. I have been ignorant these months about blogging stuff, however I was very busy making certain critical decisions of my career, which for a certain extent has been settled down, but as always we all run behind it like anything.

Few months from now it was almost a war which I was into desperately looking for a job. However I don’t regret being part of Specula as it made me look into a real IT world experience for 6 months. I wanted to be a programmer & desperately took game programming & studied like a fool. I didn’t know what to do further and always felt that my career was in mess. I also felt that I am working twice hard in recession however with no gains in money nor a good job.But time came and approached me in its own way in form of another job in a reputed game company but again as a tester.
I joined it because I felt that company can give me that growth I needed. But again left it few days as I was approached by Hexaware as I was already recruited in 2007.

Almost after an year it called in not only opening doors for me but many others who were struggling in the market for jobs or who were in wrong fields just for the sake of survival.I thought many times and consulted lots before joining. I came to know that due to our good EIP scores we were in.It made me feel satisfied as I rememeber my college days I used to sit back hours to attend EIP video conferencing and give all tests. Al much as they spent on us, we also spent our time and money on the considerable resources. It didn’t go to bin.

Now its time to prove myself and be responsible for my own actions ;to perform as I have taken a decision and this time it will not go to bin.


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