Friday is a only day where I feel good because weekend is about to start.This friday looked same as other days. We have been doing our first coding assignment after the tpf training.We have also been allocated to projects from our group. Its me and Divya in IBM-TPF, Atul and Vidya in ASP-TPF. Although we felt that we had been divided but we never felt so as we shared a good bond throughout our training.
Now we have an individual assignment which is really very hectic and also we have to undergo training at the same time. We had our deadline on Monday & still we were not finished yet. This was my first time in my new office where I stayed until 9.30pm to miss my last bus.We were to go to a Saket’s place but we called off.

To our bad luck when we reached D-mart we came to know that Atul left his charger and Divya her wallet in office. We again went back to office. Later on we took our dinner in Laxmi, I felt the waiter was absent minded one and we reminded of our orders to him several times.

I stayed in Koperkhairne that night having company of Ashish and Atul both at their flat.Apparently, it was a first friday when we had peace in that flat when I stayed. We had a great time there, we played cards, did lots of chatting and chatting until we slept at 3.30am.

In the morning, we had our breakfast and as always pulling each others legs we went to station as I had to leave to Kandivali back to my place.Just recalling things I was thinking that how days go faster and friday is gone.Looking forward for Sunday as Saturday too has left me.


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