Weekend high

This weekend as usual was very hectic as we had to meet our deadlines for our first assignment.On friday, we stayed late until 9.30pm to complete the documentation part and we left. I was sure that this weekend too I would stay with Ashish and Atul in their flat as my bus was missed and Aniruddha had already planned to stay.The whole night we had lots of fun. As usual we took our dinner from Laxmi and went to have Kesar Milk.Atul the prankster starts as usual with his witty jokes and never stops until me spilling the milk. I laugh to my hearts content, hence I usually spill milk even in our canteen. Later on we came to their flat and as usual started cracking jokes and after few man handling we came to know when its already 1.00 am we decided to leave for a late night walk, which was one my best experiences. We walked in the koperkhairne garden and we all 4 us were swinging at around 2.00 am we were just remembering our childhood. We almost became kids and started to try some athletics. If somebody would have seen us there they would either run from there or feel strange. Then we walked to the depot to drink tea which was worst tea ever. The size of the cup was as if the bottle lid. We sipped in somehow and returned back to room.

Next day was shopping day err i mean “marketing” day, atul calls so. We started to Borivali at around 1.00pm feeling dizzy. We boarded an AC bus first time to Vashi but shocked to learn that it cost Rs. 25 for a ticket. I felt it was around 15 bucks.We reached Indraprasth at around 5.00pm to begin “marketing”……
Until around 7.30pm we had no energy to shop more everybody was feeling tired. I returned to Kandivali and Atul and Ashish left for Koperkhairne, Anni back to home in Borivali.

I guess we make every weekend just a unique one.


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