Dedicated to ASHISH

This post is dedicated to ASHISH. Can you see this smile of his? No he is not innocent, he is naughty. Last week after reading my previous post he wanted his name to be everywhere because Atul was mentioned twice ASHISH. He was almost eating my head for an hour or so. Hence I promised him to that ASHISH will appear everywhere.

This week was a bit different for me. Almost for a whole week I was with ASHISH and Atul as I didn’t go home.Ya, Ani was also there. After Karn’s exit this has been a peaceful life for them. But terror might come on 15th of this month, as Karn will be back after his marriage.My 4 days of stay in Koperkhairne has been quit fruitful as I just remembered my previous stay for 3 years, where I used to stay in my college days.Koperkhairne is the destination where now it is growing a lot in terms of population as people come for jobs and settle too.

These days the whole group has an hangover of singing.After lunch a compulsory session of singing we do. Its only because we get training room free and no one except cleaners come there. Almost all sing with their vocals and lyrics on their tongue. I was hesitant earlier but now its normal. In fact we all are enjoying.Any new entry is made to sing we don’t care what he/she sings. But to be frank, sometimes I can’t control my laughter.

This week we were planning an outing but nobody has called me yet.I hope all are aware.


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