Rocket Singh – Salesman of the year

Yesterday at 4.00pm we went to watch Rocket Singh in Cinemax, Sion. It was me, Ashish, Atul, Vidya, Shreshtha and Divya. We reached the theater at 3.00pm so we had some photo sessions and lots of jokes cracking sessions.Well it was me and Vidya who were particularly interested to watch, others were just not fond of Ranbir Kapoor because of his series of disappointments with Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Prem Kahani and more.

I like the movie whether it is a hit or a flop. It shows the real corporate world. The behavior of collegues, bosses, bribing, ditching, insulting etc. That means all depressing stuff you see in corporate is displayed.Yes, the character Harpreet Singh is shown as positive and motivating.

I remembered my first interview, when Harpreet Singh’s interview was on.The interviewee(Nitin) was the best in the whole film. Basically the dialogues are best in the film, we were clapping for few.The story revolves on Harpreet where after his graduation with less marks around 38% attends an interview with a company called AYS computer sales company. (I thank whoever written this when the character tells that MBA is very expensive these days. Hence many people try to avoid CAT.)He gets the job. Once he get the job, Nitin his manager shows methods to capture sales with extraordinary skills of which few were related to bribing and stuff.
However, Sardar Harpeet is an honest guy and reports bribing as an offense to one of companies client.This makes him to lose his post and now his life becomes mess as he is bullied by his colleagues and start shooting rockets at him thats when he gets an idea of doing something himself.He comes to know how companies try to give services to clients by quoting higher price than required. Harpreet gets comes across few people from his office and gets them on board as partners and this is how Rocket Sales Corporation starts. The movie according to me deserves more than 3 stars.

After that we all went to Haji Ali dargah. The dargah structured in between sea looks awesome and at night atually you can sense the mumbai lightings, crowd. We did lots of photo sessions. Later on we went to Mahalaxmi mandir situated nearby Haji Ali and then at around 10.00 we reached Siddivinayak, unfortunately the temple was closing that time and we had to hurry up.

That was a rocking weekend!


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