3 idiots chaos

Today is last of long 3 day long new year vacation. However, it ended well with 3 idiots. For last 3 days there was huge queuing up for tickets. I nearly thought of not seeing this movie this week because not only of its huge fame and controversies but also due to not so easy availability of movie tickets.

Day 1 – Where me and Ashish hunted for tickets in Fame Raghuleela and Cinemax in Grovels, but in vain. Next day, Ankit was very desperate to watch it. He had no support as all his friends had seen the movie like my friends. He said he want to see at normal cost and not at any cost.
He asked me if we can watch the movie at 6.00am, I was hesitant but I agreed. The problem was who would get up early in the morning when you have an holiday.

Day 2 – He called me from 5.30am to 6.00am until his cell-phone died. I woke at 6.15am and kept calling him until 7.00am then again retired to bed. Ankit was so focused to see the movie that he didn’t mind me getting late. He said lets go again to hunt for tickets, but this time to Cinemax in west near railway station. I found a man was selling tickets in black. But I was surprised. No, not because he was selling at higher price but he was selling tickets for 3 different theaters all alone.We went to Grovells, there was a huge queue at 11.00am. We got the tickets for next day that too at normal price;what ankit and me wanted. Finally, we won the war of ticket buying. We had bought tickets for 9.15am show.

Day 3 – Woke up early though it was Sunday.After all you cannot miss the price of the ticket go waste.When we reached there it was like huge crowd to see the movie. Mostly families turned up so earlier.

3 -idiots – Though 3 idiots created stir these days because of the controversies behind original story. Who cares about it. The movie is fantastic and worth making a copy of it. The story is about Rancho, Raju, Farhan and their ups and downs in Imperial College of Engineering(Mumbai University should learn lessons from this film to improve the quality of education. Whatever we did in our engineering is exactly the same shown in this film. I do not know about other universities but in Mumbai University practicals are something which is for namesake.)
Rancho plays a motivator in the whole film.
1) He points to his teachers the way of teaching to students.
2) Practical way of learning. His various small handy inventions are shown.
3) Colleges, Guardians Pressurizing students for marks, ranks.
4) He tells that try to excel in your field, success will follow you.
5) Always choose path where you are interested in.
6) Some scenes depict Straight forwardness,being witty, truthful, helpfulness etc.

Also, how Rancho loves for his machine gets him 400 patents on his name and later on becomes a scientist.

Now its time to sleep. A new year week to start tomorrow with lots of tasks to be done.


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