Started with what I wanted..

When joined, I didn’t think of being in a niche field. But today somewhere I feel that I am doing what I wanted to do. Exploring my technology has been one of my biggest challenges as it is vast enough. I need few lives at least lolzz. We all started with training which was like an honeymoon period. This early FEB was when we were alloted with projects. It was my feeling that whatever be the project I will have to give my best. Now I have been shifted to another project for a month due to shortage of resources. I have been given the best part of SE i.e. designing and as well as coding for another assignment. I am quite happy with it and getting an hang of it now.

The work pressure is definitely built up on the whole team due to which we need to work at least 13hrs a day along with Saturday.This hasn’t much impacted yet but I am sure it can be fatal in future. However, I feel this a best time to learn. This Saturday too we worked. Few of our team members had come. It was much fun working on a saturday. I enjoyed a lot. Also, now I have rented a flat in Koperkhairne. I wish to shift there soon.


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