Marching towards April

Yes, its almost a month now. I read my previous post to check what I had written. I have lost touch to almost many people, I have lost my routine completely.

I am shifted to Koperkhairne with three of my office colleagues who are good friends now.I am staying with Ashish, Atul and Prasanna. Ashish, Atul and me joined together in Hexaware. Ashish is in Mainframes technology, while Atul and me are in TPF technology(sister to Mainframe). We all are just getting an hang of the latest technologies that we have not heard in our lifetime. It might me old to others. Prasanna, was my mentor initially we joined in. But today he is in a reputed company as Sr. Software engineer, but mentors all of us at home well not really.An easy going guy never seen before. The best thing at home is that we have a cook in place, who even washing clothes, cleans house daily. That makes a perfect place to live in not caring much about cleaning and stuff except ourselves.

I have no access to computer at home, though its on hibernating mode and at office I don’t get time to check my personal emails. I have been allotted to a project and on Saturday I am called by a different team for their project completion. It only sounds good, but its somehow taking toll my health. This Sunday, situation was even worse when I couldn’t go to home when my parents called me up. I feel such situations come and go soon. I am just hoping this month goes faster and ends as soon as possible. But seriously speaking, I didn’t even come to know that how this month speed-ed up; It was all work and work but no play.

Thinking of reading some good books to make up my day and also watch IPL.


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