House Burgled

This post is a bit different for my come back to blog again after long time. I’ve never been focused in blogging although want to blog badly. This thought occurred to me when I was alone at home when I went Bangalore for vacations.

Now coming back to our topic. Recently, our house was burgled. It was on Wednesday when we found that the door latch was twisted. We became cautious of what happened. However, on Friday we found that the door was opened and everything in the house was like clothes scattered, drawers, lockers  opened etc. We immediately called our maid to ask what happened. She immediately came with her husband to explain things from her side. She said that when she entered in the morning she found the door was unlocked. She immediately called my roommate about it. He asked the maid if the sewing machine of our owner was present. He said its ok as we had nothing much precious to loose except our certifications which is much precious than anything else.

We searched if our belongings were present. We found a spare mobile missing. That is only one thing we lost.

Later in the evening we called our owner if her belongings were safe. She came with society member to discuss on the issue. Initially we decided to file a complaint in the police station. Later on we decided to secure our house with replacing our door lock and an extra latch. We had discussion with the watchman, with all others.

This is the only theft incident  where theif wanted only cash and a lite portable item. He entered twice. Before maid came in for work and after she left.   


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