Being Independent

One of the most important thing came to my mind today is being Independent.

Being Independent means not depending on others in any way. Be a one man army. Be a mentor of yourself. I have been lately depending on others for many of my problems tech/personal. Suppose when I get a problem I panic. I rather should not be doing that. I have to move forward and find the root cause of the problem and fix it by analysing the problem. Digging into the problem, finding solutions on your own not taking help of anybody is what is expected of me. Finding new ways of analysing. Being innovative, being quick. Giving solutions ahead of deadlines is what is expected.

When you are weak at certain thing, you have to overcome your weakness. Weakness can lead to same old boring life. Because we know reasons to run away from them. We can somehow cheat it. However when you face weakness like introvert, tech weakness, being angry, not good at sports, have stage fear etc. we actually kill our inner enemy and make our weaknesses our strength.

Independence can actually build a character. Make aware of yourself.

Someone actually came down and told me to be independent. But I realized it late.


What do you think? Please reply

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