Should government help private players at loss?

I don’t think so. Government should not make such a mistake again. With Air India they have learnt their lesson. How come they are repeating same mistakes again. What I think is, the rules/policies created by government is biting the private sectors and later on they ask for rescue, they bail out airlines/companies etc etc. Today is Air India, Kingfisher etc Tomorrow there might be Spice Jet, Jet airways.

Why not change the policies which can be a breather to Indian private sector companies and apply strict policies to foreign companies. If they review their policies from time to time, they can make their life as well as players from private sectors life easy. I am not a economist, however what I feel is that we apply various restrictions while working however we need to pull those off when situation demands. Policies are made by biggies on chair, these biggies play chair-chair ignoring policies.:)

What do you feel?


What do you think? Please reply

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