Thanks 2011

2011 for me was one of the best year. There were lots of ups and downs though. But yes, I can proudly share my achievements here. Planning and execution was the key. My well wisher gave me this advice. 2011 year started with a party in Essel World on New Years eve. However, it started with not so positive note. Later on went smooth.The whole year I was given good and independent projects, which increased my confidence. I met great people everywhere like an author, corporate giants throughout this journey.The reason being I started being positive with myself first. I started being patient and very important only giving 100% for whatever I am doing. There were instances I lost control with myself, felt dejected. I also felt few of them insulting me. I too have done mistakes, I agree. I forgave everything after thinking about it a lot. It brought positive changes in me. This make me think that forgiveness is the key. I started hitting with gym and put myself on weight. That made me confident.

Even in very stressful situations they say to keep cool. I was able to do that. But, whenever I felt I was not getting my credit, I showcased my work and tried my best wherever can. The magic is sometimes around us. There are many people who want to hear from us. In short appreciate them whole-heartedly even for the smallest tasks. Appreciation is the key. We will surely reap what we have sown.
Taking part in various events only increased my confidence.Every failure was looked again and noted, so that such mistakes did not occur again.I started with Suryanamaskar and regular chanting of Gayatri Mantra. I think these two are very important. It gives you inner peace of mind and a flexible body. I just hate people who discourage others. Lots of learning, getting an appreciation, making a dream of buying an house a real one are my acheivements.

Thanking all my well wishers, friends, colleagues and not to forget few v v imp, my parents, my bro and almighty God.


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