Windows live writer

Well this is my first post on desktop platform. It is quite satisfying. I don’t need to go to webpage and login to write a blog. I tried installing in Android and then another option was emailing a post. Both are good options but since I have a laptop now, Live writer is a good platform. I hope to use it daily and give my thoughts here.

So today’s thoughts go here as –

“Mind is like a task manager with lots and lots of processes (problems/worries) running in the background. It is we who can decide whether to kill those unwanted processes i.e face those problems/worries and finish them and make the CPU/Mind run smoothly”

I am across a good website of Dalai Lama, where he explains why meditation is necessary in life, when we face tons of problems day by day. Every 5 minutes a day we can make a good investment of meditating our mind and make a good use of it.

How to Meditate is a good link that will guide you for proper meditation techniques. That is all for today.


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