Windows Speech recognition

I have reached Vancouver last week, pretty much settling down and I must say this is an awesome place. I have reached in Spring and this is a best weather I experienced where the a tinge of sunlight with cold everywhere.

I am currently staying in a hotel, which is very quite and far from the hustle.I like to travel by Bus and the Sky train to office daily. The transport is very good and convenient. Most prefer cars, in fact I cannot see a person without a car except myself.

Last week I went to Downtown, Vancouver with a good friend and my future landlord. It was pretty good and happening place. I am just liking it here till now. Although when I am in hotel, I cook and chat with friends on Facebook.

Yesterday, I came across a software called ‘Windows Speech Recognition’ from Microsoft and I must say it is very cool and since I have no company to speak with me, I speak with my PC. Its like Jarvis the personal digital assistant (PDA) from Iron Man. I plan to program my PC similar to that. Please try this software, somewhere it might help you. I just need to train my PC to recognise me. If I say Jarvis – It should say ‘Hello Sir’..etc. and execute whatever command I give. Isn’t it very interesting?

The link to try is this.

That is it from my side.


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