Obsessed with Speed….

“This is insane! What the heck of a driver he is?”

“Indian roads are not biking ground mate! ”

Speed is life..

I heard this in traffic went green when I was Bangalore last year in March, I was seating behind, my younger brother was driving. The whole human race is getting better and better used to machines and automation that we all believe that everything needs to be done faster. It is not a bad idea though. As a software engineer, I create automated scripts and run when needed, just to save my time. Similarly, bikers are used of acceleration. And that’s what is needed when you save time.

We are lazy. I agree. Bill gates too hires lazy people, because he thinks they know how get their work quickly. Thanks to the hard workers and silent contributors.

My colleague and friend in office is obsessed with bikes, he says I want an Avenger. That cools of my brain and of course a style statement. Though we both are not in a state to buy one, but we grab one from another colleague when we need to go out for lunch or urgent requirement. That’s when he get the keys and he wears the helmet, he says  ” My lady will give a smooth and quick ride, my heaven!!”

Indian biking industry has changed the way people think, and get bikers are enough hungry for a ride. Indians have been the best contributors to industry. They have raised their bar of style and engrossed themselves that bike is their part of family.

Let us not forget following instances –

  • Indian family vehicle is a bike, even in villages. Cars came late to capture. However, bike is still considered loyal.
  • Colleges, Offices  filled with bikers parked. Traffic policemen fine many bikers than 4 wheeler drivers.
  • In Goa, I have seen the fast bike riders practice stunts. Because it is considered cool. See the level of obsession.
  • Couples love long bike ride. Their 3rd partner in life 🙂
  • Lets not forget the latest trend – Road Trips. Last  month my friends traveled across 3 states on bike, just to visit their home from work. Isn’t it amazing. Public transport was promptly disagreed upon.
  • Movies are based on bikes.
  • Blah Blah….list goes on.

Most importantly, they don’t mind drinking sour fuel prices.

Internationally, many people have been upgrading their dream vehicle i.e. a bike. A bike costs more in Canada then a 4-wheeler. The one who has a bike is considered rich and cool. While I am in Vancouver these days, I saw a man was cleaning his bike for 2 hours. I asked him that why is is cleaning it up when it looks clean. He says that summer is arriving soon and it is a season when he can ride bikes for around 3-4 months. Yes! you are thinking right- people wait to get their bikes out from their garage to use it in summers. That’s when I recalled that I did not see bikes on Vancouver roads since I arrived.

And more importantly, they sit and watch how is the HARLEY-DAVIDSON bike is maintained in a series on discovery channel 😛

The range and price don’t matter, when it comes to mileage. Best of the brands have bought best in them and the upcoming advertisement industry have turned tables to display their quality.

What I know is that HERO MOTO CORP, HONDA MOTORS, TVS, BAJAJ these brand have been always competing with fuel efficiency and rather than design. The best of all is the heart of any machine, the engine. Like in computer, Pentium improves its processor and speed. Similarly, engines and the fuel that engines consume are constantly looked upon.

I am slowing growing into bike enthusiastic!!! (taking driving lessons from my brother :))



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