Small screen mania!

For others it might be a cell phone, but for me it was knowledge, communication and most important entertainment. Being a software engineer, when I moved all alone far from family in March last year, I was not equipped  with computer. For me, it looked as if I lost something in my life. I was too dejected, because my only source of entertainment was computer, era of TV died for me when dad bought me a PC. And my income was not too high, when I had to bear all expenses alone. I chose to sacrifice entertainment for sometime. I looked for books to read and that was a source of entertainment for me. Further more, I had a simple cell phone where I could listen only radio and sometimes would visit a cyber cafe to cool off my temper.


I am not a geek, but a human being used to work on PC to make his own life simple. But when you don’t have resources in your hand, you feel handicapped. My frustration increased day by day and finally after 6 months of rigorous punishment to myself, I thought of buying an smart phone. I researched thoroughly to get myself a new life. Yes! you heard it correct, a new life. A ray of hope to myself that I would be having internet on my palms. Since I became an information hungry person, I quickly bought one with my savings a new cell phone Samsung Galaxy 3 during Diwali when I came home to Bangalore. The day I bought the phone, even though I had Vodafone Mumbai roaming I explored the phone like a beast the whole night. Next day my balance raised like a rocket Smile

From that day onwards, no looking back. I could watch movies on that phone when I was travelling back to Mumbai. Also, not to forget the live TV experience in that mini device to see cricket and not just scores. I also set up my official and personal emails. My life became organised when I had this galaxy of knowledge on my palm. I started reading E-books now in .PDF format. Wow, I must say that one more thing hooked me up was, I could access my bank accounts, my cell phone was recharged pretty quickly and thirdly my Friday night movie was bring booked on my cell with my selection of seat. Isn’t it amazing?

I must say that the height of internet surfing is that, I started doing Google for all small things. But, hats off to Google, Wikipedia, Facebook etc.  They have really boosted my knowledge a lot. I in am touch with my friends, family, relatives, colleagues  all the time with just Rs. 99 for a month. Open-mouthed smile

Internet is one of the most best inventions, I have been across where it makes your life easier, if you make proper use of it smartly. These days I am in Canada, here I can even get bus timings and next bus arriving information quickly. I just go to bus stop 2 mins. before the bus arrives. Then I check Google maps to reach my office quickly. Isn’t it time saver? Winking smile

Friends, I still have my buddy, Galaxy phone with me. I would not leave him until his last discharge of batteries. To have more fun with your buddy visit

Let me know your opinion too. I need to taste the next technology.


4 thoughts on “Small screen mania!

  1. I was in USA for a year and therefore I can feel what you have written. Internet facility in abroad especially in countries like USA and Canada are superb. They are in 4G days while in India it has recently made to 3G. Whatever, I am enjoying 3G on my Samsung Galaxy Ace. It’s now a knowledge bundled in pocket.

    Very well expressed. All the best.

    1. Thanks Medha. If you want to see right use of technology, its only in North America. Asian people just work for them and do not apply them. Good to know that you too are tech freak. Cheers!

  2. Thats right Pavan…Internet is surely one of the best inventions if used smartly…It eases off the pressure sometimes…

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