LOSER like never before!!

I have been reading books but never met an author. I  always felt their life is different and they are crazy people with exceptional creative madness. But after meeting Dipen Ambalia I felt that he is also an normal human being. I literally thought of Raju Srivastava’s joke where he says “Kaise dikhte hai Hritik …bulkul Hritik jaise hi ?…!!!” Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

I normally don’t follow any Foreign authors / Indian authors although they are plenty and famous. But after reading Dipen Ambalia’s “In Their Shoes”, it was a pleasure reading and extremely impressive. I never read like this something before, where a story is in his/her perspective. I always thought of it, but this book bought that effect. My mind always boggled when I thought how a BEST bus driver thought when he carried burden of 50+ passengers on a busy Mumbai traffic and drop people at their bus stops filled with chaos.How he thinks and handles that situation? No doubt, I emailed my comments to Dipen and wished him luck.

LOSER release in Mumbai
Dipen’s Mom, Dipen and Loser in LOSER’s launch in Mumbai

After few months, it was an happy moment for me to meet him personally and appreciate his works. We work in the same company these days.

His next work LOSER, is also brilliant! I cannot stop smiling when I read his book (soon to be published). The book LOSER (Life Of Software EngineeR) is extremely rib tickling if you are born and bought up in IT industry. If not, then also it makes you love IT industry for this fun. Mind you, IT guys also have hearts, feelings, values..blah blah…in short they are human beings.How we react to situations is given nicely. The book fares very well, when it compares the people with two different traits. Gives to an advance trip to Software World even if you have never been to. It will also make or break your dreams, but to tell you the fact software industry is booming in terms of jobs for tons of Indian universities manufactured product “engineers” Smile

My happiness knew no bounds when he handed me over his signed copy of his book at my desk. This book has rocked the entire nation by now. I am late to publish in my blog, but better late then never.

My reviews will not be enough but better read and tell Dipen about it. He will feel more happy to read and yes, he will put more effort to write his next “Orkutbhai Jignesbhai Patel”. As a person, Dipen Ambalia is extremely happy go-lucky, encourages you to read books, discuss his next book and appreciates comments for readers.


Friends, lets wish him success, for all his book releases.


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