Online Friendship!

Online friend I have never seen you before, but I know you are really there. I click you into reality, like magic in the air. Your voice is like an angel, though I really do not hear. Your hug as warm as any, of the loved ones I hold dear. You are always there for comfort, or a word of cheer. Though you are very far away, I always have you near. You are a very special friend, like none I have ever known. As long as you are in cyberspace, I will never be alone.


Online Friends

This question was posed by Sapna Nayak – GSB GenXT group, Founder.  Its been since in late 90’s I have been on internet. I never thought about this question though, when I have an online presence and have accounts on many social networking websites. Interacted with many people, I don’t even remember the number of people I met. But this question has many real and quality facts, that need to be thought about.

What I feel is –

1. Online friendship became a necessity these days especially when most people don’t go out with their own friends. They need a change, because you know all the existing ones around you. And they will always be around you! Smile

2. Networking. Yes, people love meeting different people, with different walks of life. To know each other and just to get in touch whenever required. Keep their trends updated.

3. There are people who really wants help with some things when they fail or their immediate close friends fail to do.Like there was a friend who wanted a job or had questions about cheap electronic goods and blah blah..

4. The online friend is the one who really cools you off when you share about an pissed of incidence happened that day. They just joke around and make you feel better. That happens most of the time with me. Smile

3. One of my common friend who always wants his self-esteem high by being online and showing presence the whole day. Interacting with all of them. This makes me feel good that when nobody is around, somebody is there Winking smile

4. There are certain friends of mind they are extremely talented on PC however, they do not interact very well with speech but they have a good vocabulary and good typing skills. They just quiet and listen when I actually call / talk to that person.

5. It is the best place to share ideas, brainstorm. If you see many forums have created various innovation, just brainstorming. I alone cannot make  my idea into a product. We need friends to help you in its pros and cons. Also, if he has better idea than you.

6. Friendships sometimes go serious especially of opposite sexes involved, they start liking each other and then goes like an Bollywood movie in the making! Smile with tongue out

7. Let me not forget, that I am in different country these days and the fuel still remains my online friends and Skype 🙂

8. Finally, I would say that online friends are no harm and it is up to you to rely on the facts, honest opinions. I would say that, take the best and leave the rest. Smile Make sure you too give a good time to your friends, being yourself.

And many more reasons to go, however I could think of these. Let me know your thoughts as well. So that this can be passed to the GSB GenXT group.


What do you think? Please reply

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