The Test




Its been a while that we have been giving tests in our day to day life. For some, it is easy to tackle since they love the challenges, for some its boring or they are lazy. For some its fear. But, most of the time it is fear in ourselves. I have observed that most of time we fear doing something, we get nervous and we loose our test. The word ‘test’ itself is a word that we resist.

Fear has its own path created in mind which creates series of stories about our future. When we finally refuse to accept the challenge. Our interest level come down. I would often think it happens in schools/colleges and kids. But tests are a part of everyday life. It has no means

Let me tell you a recent experience. My mom too feared eating sweets/sugars since she is diabetic. Even, if she did not have sugary stuff she would go above normal range. Her only practice was worry, which made her get unwanted numbers in test. This made us all worry. Doctors too started with their own plan and medicines which made no changes in the results. Now, what was required was change in attitude and some dedication, courage to tackle this.

Finally, we started a plan. We started researching on our own. We reversed the process of diabetics by eating more. We started with 6 meals routine. I personally felt that there is some hope to this. We made constant discussions and research in the web to get more knowledge. Our database filled up. Our knowledge increased. Using that we started practising the routine without failing. Our diet chart came up with interesting dishes. Along with eating habits, exercise is more important. If our body is like still water, it will be filthy. If our body moves like running water, it will be fresh. I was a bit strict with this routine, I insisted Mom to stick to this until the next test. Finally, the day of test came in and guess what we passed the test Smile

The idea of this post is that our mind is constantly resisting those tests of life which are sometimes very important to us. Either fear, worry, or some other emotion comes and makes us weak. I have too experienced many worries, fears. But, I noticed one thing in this exercise. If we gain some courage and change our attitude towards the test. The test becomes interesting and we take it as a challenge. We end up gaining many things which we did not think. We pass the test and above all, we perish our fears i.e. control our mind.

Till then keep reading!


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