Lessons learnt from : The Next Three Days

Of late I am at home due to back pain at home and watching movies.

This movie really moved me and gave me something to think. I was inspired by the character John Brennan which will make me remember his tough times during mine.

When his wife was falsely jailed for murder and he knew she was innocent. He blanked out with the turn of events in his life and he realizes that he has to do what is right when his lawyer leaves no hope for him.

1. Never give up on your belief

When his lawyer says that the case ended up dead. John felt betrayed and thinking they never tried to find out the truth.

No matter what people say if we believe in truth we have to protect that belief. Either convince the truth with people who don’t believe us or run away from negative people.

John -You never believed in her innocence


2. Our belief in our selves

When we know something is wrong and we have no power to change it. We should take the matter and change it ourselves than just going through.

John: So, the life in times of Don Quixote, what is it about?


Female College Student: That someone’s belief in virtue is more important than virtue itself?


John: Yes… that’s in the there. But what is it about? Could it be how rational thought destroys your soul? Could it be about the triumph of irrationality and the power that is in that? You know, we spend a lot of time trying to organize the world. We build clocks and calendars and we try to predict the weather. But what part of our life is truly under our control? What if we choose to exist purely in a reality of our own making? Does that render us insane? And if it does, isn’t that better than a life of despair?

3. Doing your homework

John knew that if he had to jail break the toughest jail he had to take an expert opinion. For any goal to achieve we have to do our home work or practice to know the ground rules.

John: How did you get caught?

Escape Expert: I just gave up myself in


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