There is no tomorrow

There have been quite a lot of people in my life lately who have changed my life drastically. Some are close ones, some are great speakers, while rest are lives of daily people. I have been in lot of stress since 3-4 months whereas they have reduced too quickly I must say.

I always went round and round on chasing my dreams, it means I came back to square one. I felt dejected and again I struggled to think and think. But, I realized that overthinking pulled me back. Let me give you a quick tip, that think while you work on one thing at one time, if you want to multi-task it can hit you back. We have to observe our thoughts to let it subside and finally, when mind is clear you can pull off any tough task.

Secondly, my notion on people and thoughts are not my responsibilty, this is what I thought, however, it was my ego which made me think only about myself and not others. Now, I realize that if I am a modern thinker, I don’t need to get angry. Accept whatever comes to you, whoever hurts you. Mind even in serene can take all of them and it passes through you and you will never know.

Thirdly, my smile has been back which I was searching since a very long time. It was in me and I felt that I was costing me something ?? 😦 Now the same is back 🙂

I will continue writing soon. I should, I will take time back to balance.


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