How AI could be constructive or destructive?

I am not even close to studying or working on AI but when I look into futuristic AI, it feels like it can make many sit idle at home and less humane. Why is it that humans are creative, passionate and at the same time less predictable, being THE gadget in universe. By reading the news daily on latest technologies automation I understand that it is good that we are making progress but at the same time we are making ourselves lazy too. I am also a Software Engineer where we sometimes automate report generation as it they are too repetitive and boring. But imagine a world where everything is automated like Driving, Preparing Food, Hospital experience, Customer Support, Navigation, Teaching etc.

I recall my childhood where we used to play outdoor games all the time in the evenings and not to mention during summer vacations. As kids most skills like motor, cognitive, communication and social skills are built in by going out and playing those outdoor activities. These days it is the gadgets which hold the children back to play games. It has drastically changed the lifestyle of most families.

Looking at AI, I wonder we have made prediction easy like Weather Forecast, but we have never thought that this could make us store water for future as the world is currently facing huge water crisis. In fact, AI can see and predict emotions underneath a human, but it is so sad that we may cannot rely on a neighbor or friend to communicate our emotions, we need a robot to understand those emotions. This could program all extroverts as introverts. Humans will never value a human in future. Also, there is no room for improvement for humans. Looks like this can be a road to self extinction.

The next part is human creativity. If our daily tasks are done by a robot, then humans will not use brains. These days we don’t remember cell numbers and addresses or even streets due to mobile phones. In fact we use calculators even for simple mathematics. Even music industry has automated music, they can get lakhs of tunes by algorithms stored in their hard disks. In my opinion humans are born to keep doing some tasks. In fact every one has to do something. Due to AI, situations could lead to job losses in various sectors. Imagine automated companies with max. 10 employees rest jobless and at home. To benefit few companies, many people have to remain jobless.

I conclude that AI is only good for complex tasks which humans cannot perform easily or which might be beyond human capability. If AI could treat human issues easily, improve them daily, make good for disabled. Creating AI for anticipating any long term good for society is always welcome. AI should be one of the channel to preserve natural resources, heritage, its animals who would be extinct in a while. It should be part of solution for issues like Global Warming. I am waiting for AI to predict count of trees to be required in each areas to get us rains. Also, change is the only constant for human evolution.

Let me know your opinion and ideas!!


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