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The Test




Its been a while that we have been giving tests in our day to day life. For some, it is easy to tackle since they love the challenges, for some its boring or they are lazy. For some its fear. But, most of the time it is fear in ourselves. I have observed that most of time we fear doing something, we get nervous and we loose our test. The word ‘test’ itself is a word that we resist.

Fear has its own path created in mind which creates series of stories about our future. When we finally refuse to accept the challenge. Our interest level come down. I would often think it happens in schools/colleges and kids. But tests are a part of everyday life. It has no means

Let me tell you a recent experience. My mom too feared eating sweets/sugars since she is diabetic. Even, if she did not have sugary stuff she would go above normal range. Her only practice was worry, which made her get unwanted numbers in test. This made us all worry. Doctors too started with their own plan and medicines which made no changes in the results. Now, what was required was change in attitude and some dedication, courage to tackle this.

Finally, we started a plan. We started researching on our own. We reversed the process of diabetics by eating more. We started with 6 meals routine. I personally felt that there is some hope to this. We made constant discussions and research in the web to get more knowledge. Our database filled up. Our knowledge increased. Using that we started practising the routine without failing. Our diet chart came up with interesting dishes. Along with eating habits, exercise is more important. If our body is like still water, it will be filthy. If our body moves like running water, it will be fresh. I was a bit strict with this routine, I insisted Mom to stick to this until the next test. Finally, the day of test came in and guess what we passed the test Smile

The idea of this post is that our mind is constantly resisting those tests of life which are sometimes very important to us. Either fear, worry, or some other emotion comes and makes us weak. I have too experienced many worries, fears. But, I noticed one thing in this exercise. If we gain some courage and change our attitude towards the test. The test becomes interesting and we take it as a challenge. We end up gaining many things which we did not think. We pass the test and above all, we perish our fears i.e. control our mind.

Till then keep reading!

Movie : Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley is a wonderfully captured movie on the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. This movie is based on their development of the personal computer, then the rivalry.

This movie has wonderful dialogues as said by Steve Jobs, being an innovator and Bill gates is shown as a business minded.

Movie : Code Rush

Code Rush is a documentary following the lives of a group of Netscape engineers in Silicon Valley. It was shot during a time of difficulties of company fortunes, the initial release of the Mozilla code as an open source project, due to free Internet explorer browser by Microsoft. The documentary shows how  Netscape programmers helped save the company from ruin, temporarily disrupting their normal lives.

What I feel is that competitors like Microsoft can survive, how about the start up companies whose revenue comes from selling browsers. What do you feel?

Online Friendship!

Online friend I have never seen you before, but I know you are really there. I click you into reality, like magic in the air. Your voice is like an angel, though I really do not hear. Your hug as warm as any, of the loved ones I hold dear. You are always there for comfort, or a word of cheer. Though you are very far away, I always have you near. You are a very special friend, like none I have ever known. As long as you are in cyberspace, I will never be alone.


Online Friends

This question was posed by Sapna Nayak – GSB GenXT group, Founder.  Its been since in late 90’s I have been on internet. I never thought about this question though, when I have an online presence and have accounts on many social networking websites. Interacted with many people, I don’t even remember the number of people I met. But this question has many real and quality facts, that need to be thought about.

What I feel is –

1. Online friendship became a necessity these days especially when most people don’t go out with their own friends. They need a change, because you know all the existing ones around you. And they will always be around you! Smile

2. Networking. Yes, people love meeting different people, with different walks of life. To know each other and just to get in touch whenever required. Keep their trends updated.

3. There are people who really wants help with some things when they fail or their immediate close friends fail to do.Like there was a friend who wanted a job or had questions about cheap electronic goods and blah blah..

4. The online friend is the one who really cools you off when you share about an pissed of incidence happened that day. They just joke around and make you feel better. That happens most of the time with me. Smile

3. One of my common friend who always wants his self-esteem high by being online and showing presence the whole day. Interacting with all of them. This makes me feel good that when nobody is around, somebody is there Winking smile

4. There are certain friends of mind they are extremely talented on PC however, they do not interact very well with speech but they have a good vocabulary and good typing skills. They just quiet and listen when I actually call / talk to that person.

5. It is the best place to share ideas, brainstorm. If you see many forums have created various innovation, just brainstorming. I alone cannot make  my idea into a product. We need friends to help you in its pros and cons. Also, if he has better idea than you.

6. Friendships sometimes go serious especially of opposite sexes involved, they start liking each other and then goes like an Bollywood movie in the making! Smile with tongue out

7. Let me not forget, that I am in different country these days and the fuel still remains my online friends and Skype 🙂

8. Finally, I would say that online friends are no harm and it is up to you to rely on the facts, honest opinions. I would say that, take the best and leave the rest. Smile Make sure you too give a good time to your friends, being yourself.

And many more reasons to go, however I could think of these. Let me know your thoughts as well. So that this can be passed to the GSB GenXT group.

LOSER like never before!!

I have been reading books but never met an author. I  always felt their life is different and they are crazy people with exceptional creative madness. But after meeting Dipen Ambalia I felt that he is also an normal human being. I literally thought of Raju Srivastava’s joke where he says “Kaise dikhte hai Hritik …bulkul Hritik jaise hi ?…!!!” Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

I normally don’t follow any Foreign authors / Indian authors although they are plenty and famous. But after reading Dipen Ambalia’s “In Their Shoes”, it was a pleasure reading and extremely impressive. I never read like this something before, where a story is in his/her perspective. I always thought of it, but this book bought that effect. My mind always boggled when I thought how a BEST bus driver thought when he carried burden of 50+ passengers on a busy Mumbai traffic and drop people at their bus stops filled with chaos.How he thinks and handles that situation? No doubt, I emailed my comments to Dipen and wished him luck.

LOSER release in Mumbai
Dipen’s Mom, Dipen and Loser in LOSER’s launch in Mumbai

After few months, it was an happy moment for me to meet him personally and appreciate his works. We work in the same company these days.

His next work LOSER, is also brilliant! I cannot stop smiling when I read his book (soon to be published). The book LOSER (Life Of Software EngineeR) is extremely rib tickling if you are born and bought up in IT industry. If not, then also it makes you love IT industry for this fun. Mind you, IT guys also have hearts, feelings, values..blah blah…in short they are human beings.How we react to situations is given nicely. The book fares very well, when it compares the people with two different traits. Gives to an advance trip to Software World even if you have never been to. It will also make or break your dreams, but to tell you the fact software industry is booming in terms of jobs for tons of Indian universities manufactured product “engineers” Smile

My happiness knew no bounds when he handed me over his signed copy of his book at my desk. This book has rocked the entire nation by now. I am late to publish in my blog, but better late then never.

My reviews will not be enough but better read and tell Dipen about it. He will feel more happy to read and yes, he will put more effort to write his next “Orkutbhai Jignesbhai Patel”. As a person, Dipen Ambalia is extremely happy go-lucky, encourages you to read books, discuss his next book and appreciates comments for readers.

Friends, lets wish him success, for all his book releases.


“This is insane! What the heck of a driver he is?”

“Indian roads are not biking ground mate! ”

I heard this in traffic went green when I was Bangalore last year in March, I was seating behind, my younger brother was driving. The whole human race is getting better and better used to machines and automation that we all believe that everything needs to be done faster. It is not a bad idea though. As a software engineer, I create automated scripts and run when needed, just to save my time. Similarly, bikers are used of acceleration. And that’s what is needed when you save time.

We are lazy. I agree. Bill gates too hires lazy people, because he thinks they know how get their work quickly. Thanks to the hard workers and silent contributors.

My colleague and friend in office is obsessed with bikes, he says I want…

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Small screen mania!

For others it might be a cell phone, but for me it was knowledge, communication and most important entertainment. Being a software engineer, when I moved all alone far from family in March last year, I was not equipped  with computer. For me, it looked as if I lost something in my life. I was too dejected, because my only source of entertainment was computer, era of TV died for me when dad bought me a PC. And my income was not too high, when I had to bear all expenses alone. I chose to sacrifice entertainment for sometime. I looked for books to read and that was a source of entertainment for me. Further more, I had a simple cell phone where I could listen only radio and sometimes would visit a cyber cafe to cool off my temper.


I am not a geek, but a human being used to work on PC to make his own life simple. But when you don’t have resources in your hand, you feel handicapped. My frustration increased day by day and finally after 6 months of rigorous punishment to myself, I thought of buying an smart phone. I researched thoroughly to get myself a new life. Yes! you heard it correct, a new life. A ray of hope to myself that I would be having internet on my palms. Since I became an information hungry person, I quickly bought one with my savings a new cell phone Samsung Galaxy 3 during Diwali when I came home to Bangalore. The day I bought the phone, even though I had Vodafone Mumbai roaming I explored the phone like a beast the whole night. Next day my balance raised like a rocket Smile

From that day onwards, no looking back. I could watch movies on that phone when I was travelling back to Mumbai. Also, not to forget the live TV experience in that mini device to see cricket and not just scores. I also set up my official and personal emails. My life became organised when I had this galaxy of knowledge on my palm. I started reading E-books now in .PDF format. Wow, I must say that one more thing hooked me up was, I could access my bank accounts, my cell phone was recharged pretty quickly and thirdly my Friday night movie was bring booked on my cell with my selection of seat. Isn’t it amazing?

I must say that the height of internet surfing is that, I started doing Google for all small things. But, hats off to Google, Wikipedia, Facebook etc.  They have really boosted my knowledge a lot. I in am touch with my friends, family, relatives, colleagues  all the time with just Rs. 99 for a month. Open-mouthed smile

Internet is one of the most best inventions, I have been across where it makes your life easier, if you make proper use of it smartly. These days I am in Canada, here I can even get bus timings and next bus arriving information quickly. I just go to bus stop 2 mins. before the bus arrives. Then I check Google maps to reach my office quickly. Isn’t it time saver? Winking smile

Friends, I still have my buddy, Galaxy phone with me. I would not leave him until his last discharge of batteries. To have more fun with your buddy visit

Let me know your opinion too. I need to taste the next technology.

Obsessed with Speed….

“This is insane! What the heck of a driver he is?”

“Indian roads are not biking ground mate! ”

Speed is life..

I heard this in traffic went green when I was Bangalore last year in March, I was seating behind, my younger brother was driving. The whole human race is getting better and better used to machines and automation that we all believe that everything needs to be done faster. It is not a bad idea though. As a software engineer, I create automated scripts and run when needed, just to save my time. Similarly, bikers are used of acceleration. And that’s what is needed when you save time.

We are lazy. I agree. Bill gates too hires lazy people, because he thinks they know how get their work quickly. Thanks to the hard workers and silent contributors.

My colleague and friend in office is obsessed with bikes, he says I want an Avenger. That cools of my brain and of course a style statement. Though we both are not in a state to buy one, but we grab one from another colleague when we need to go out for lunch or urgent requirement. That’s when he get the keys and he wears the helmet, he says  ” My lady will give a smooth and quick ride, my heaven!!”

Indian biking industry has changed the way people think, and get bikers are enough hungry for a ride. Indians have been the best contributors to industry. They have raised their bar of style and engrossed themselves that bike is their part of family.

Let us not forget following instances –

  • Indian family vehicle is a bike, even in villages. Cars came late to capture. However, bike is still considered loyal.
  • Colleges, Offices  filled with bikers parked. Traffic policemen fine many bikers than 4 wheeler drivers.
  • In Goa, I have seen the fast bike riders practice stunts. Because it is considered cool. See the level of obsession.
  • Couples love long bike ride. Their 3rd partner in life 🙂
  • Lets not forget the latest trend – Road Trips. Last  month my friends traveled across 3 states on bike, just to visit their home from work. Isn’t it amazing. Public transport was promptly disagreed upon.
  • Movies are based on bikes.
  • Blah Blah….list goes on.

Most importantly, they don’t mind drinking sour fuel prices.

Internationally, many people have been upgrading their dream vehicle i.e. a bike. A bike costs more in Canada then a 4-wheeler. The one who has a bike is considered rich and cool. While I am in Vancouver these days, I saw a man was cleaning his bike for 2 hours. I asked him that why is is cleaning it up when it looks clean. He says that summer is arriving soon and it is a season when he can ride bikes for around 3-4 months. Yes! you are thinking right- people wait to get their bikes out from their garage to use it in summers. That’s when I recalled that I did not see bikes on Vancouver roads since I arrived.

And more importantly, they sit and watch how is the HARLEY-DAVIDSON bike is maintained in a series on discovery channel 😛

The range and price don’t matter, when it comes to mileage. Best of the brands have bought best in them and the upcoming advertisement industry have turned tables to display their quality.

What I know is that HERO MOTO CORP, HONDA MOTORS, TVS, BAJAJ these brand have been always competing with fuel efficiency and rather than design. The best of all is the heart of any machine, the engine. Like in computer, Pentium improves its processor and speed. Similarly, engines and the fuel that engines consume are constantly looked upon.

I am slowing growing into bike enthusiastic!!! (taking driving lessons from my brother :))